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Farewell, I Love You, Amen

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Farewell, I love you, Amen Words & music by John M. c. 2015, FJMIII Music, ASCAP

I love you by night
I love you by day
I love you, I love you, I love you I say.
But “I love you” won’t get us the rest of the way
Farewell, I love you, Amen

My traveling companion
My darlin’, my friend
But not lover, not lately, not ever again
At least that’s what you told me, and that’s how it’s been
Farewell, I love you, Amen

I’m not sayin’ that I’ll never see you
Or that we won’t still laugh like we do
I’m not sayin’ it’s over, it just has to change
It won’t die, but it can’t stay the same

Now you eat at my table
And you sleep in my bed
And yet weeks go by barely a sentence is said
Oh but words must be spoken, and tears must be shed
Farewell, I love you Amen