John M's new BOOK - "Performance Matters."

  The new book by John M, "Performance Matters," is culled from his more than 45 years of experience performing and touring the country both as a solo act and with bands. It is punctuated with entertaining and often humorous anecdotes from John's years on the road, and includes commentary from other noted career performers such as David Wilcox, Ronny Cox, long time Bonnie Raitt bass player - Freebo, and many others.

PAUL ZOLLO - Author of "Songwriters on Songwriting" says of this book, "For any musical artist wanting to learn about performing, this is the book for you. A thorough, thoughtful and finely-focused exploration of all aspects of performance, it draws directly from John M's warm, whimsical, real-time experience, woven with wisdom aquired from other artists he's interviewed. It's got the friendly vibe of one musician talking to another, and is as compelling and fun as one of the author's own spirited performances. He distinguishes performing from other musical talents, and shares not only the right things to do, but also the wrong things, the common mistakes to avoid. Encompassing every practical piece of the performance puzzle, as well as ethereal and eistential ones, it provides the most complete volume yet on the fine art of becoming a joyful and confident performer."


From stage fright to preparing a set list to onstage patter to theatrics, whether you're just getting your feet wet as a performer or a seasoned pro - there's something here for you.