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John M: Singer/songwriter, acoustic & electric 6 string & 12 string guitars, producer, engineer, actor

"I'm talking music that's bursting with heart and soul and passion and brains and guts. The kinda music that JOHN M. delivers – in spades!!!"
Kevin Burton-Smith, Music director – Butlers Coffee, Palmdale, CA.

"Not just another singer. This man and his music is dynamite! If you want to see a real performer … John M. is "THE MAN."
Don Dashiell, producer, Ried-Land Productions

"… something we need to hear in today’s music."
Vernell Hackett, American Songwriter Magazine

"John M. writes personal songs from the heart and delivers them with passion."
Brian Austin Whitney – Founder of Just Plain Folks

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House Concerts The Home Invasion Tour"HOUSE CONCERTS (the Home Invasion Tour)"a feature length documentary film, follows John M in a coast-to-coast tour of HOUSE CONCERTS across America.

Not just a "music film," not just a "travel film," and definitely not just a film about John M, "HOUSE CONCERTS (The Home Invasion Tour)" is all of the above. It features breathtaking scenery from around the country, a refreshingly honest view of life on the road, and mesmerizing performances by Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Kat Eggleston, and Ann Zimmerman, as well as John M.

"House Concerts" feature film