1. Memory Lane
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Memory Lane

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MEMORY LANE. All words and music by John Mollenhauer,
a.k.a. John M. ASCAP. 2004.

“Come along with me,” she said
“A little walk down Memory Lane.”
I said, “But what’s there to remember?
I mean, what, besides the pain?”
She said, “If that’s all you remember,..
Oh that really is a shame.”

“I remember what I need to,” I said
“I remember it was good and now it’s dead
I choose not to resurrect it in my head
‘Cause it would only die again.”

“Oh, is that how you see life?” she said
“What a pessimistic view.”
I said, “It’s not how I see life,…
It’s just how I see you.”
“Oh, your words, they sting,” she said,
I said, “They sting because they’re true…

And the truth is all you left me when you left
And it was painful, yes, but nonetheless a gift,..
A compass when I was abandoned and adrift
And it lead me home again.

Now Memory Lane is a long and scenic highway
And there are mountains and valleys and plains
And you are just one mile
Where I was detoured for a while
Where my greatest love became my greatest pain
Memory Lane…

“Come along with me,” she said,
“A little walk down Memory Lane.”