1. Rescuer
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RESCUER: Words & Music by John Mollenhauer, a.k.a. John M.
Rescuer, why do you always want to rescue her?
You should be lookin’ out for number one, it’s much more fun
Your heart will be much safer in the long run
But Rescuer, there you stand again right next to her
So you can catch her if she takes a spill, and you know she will
An acting coach would tell her that it’s “overkill,”
But it works on you, it always will
It always has and you are falling for it, still.
When she cries “fire!” See how you run
But she is not that good a liar and you are not that dumb
Oh, rescuer

Rescuer, why do you always want to rescue her?
Maybe you were simply born this way, is it your DNA?
Or maybe just the cross you bear, the price you pay
‘Cause rescuer, once again you’re saying “yes” to her
And even now you know where this will lead, your hear will bleed,
But even so you are determined to proceed
Is it worth the risk?
You gonna take that chance?
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for it’s in your hands
And this time you know, Nothin’ up her sleeve,
Yes and that’s exactly what she wants you to believe ha ha ha…
Oh, Rescuer!

She’s got a long long history of bad behavior (oooh)
But just a little loving kindness from you, and you can save her (aaah)
You can see that inner good girl, deep down, shining through… (ooooh)
But can’t you see it was the bad girl, that attracted you?
Ooooo Rescuer!

(Repeat 1st verse.)