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Finishing Line

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FINISHING LINE Words & Music by John M. c. 2015
You see, life is like an obstacle course
Some ride in limousines, some ride a horse
Some raise children, some get divorced
We all have our crosses to bear. We all have our burdens to share
And life is not always fair
Along the way, we are tested and blessed
What we do with our blessings is one of our tests
Blessed are the ones with the fewest regrets when we get to the finishing line
If you’re weary and worn at the time
Ah, life is not always kind
Now so much has been written about evil and good
We all have our demons, that’s understood
It’s not who did the best, but the best that they could who will be rewarded in time
When we get to the finishing line, the rest will go ‘round one more time
But you ask, “Why do innocent children die young, while wicked ones prosper and thrive?”
But the wealth of the wicked is here and it’s gone and we all know that everyone dies
It all is the same in God’s eyes
Now I’ve probably left out a detail or two
Just try to treat others as you’d have them treat you
If we all help each other than we all will get through
And the questions that weigh on our minds will all be answered in time
When we get to the finishing line