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I Believe In America

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I BELIEVE IN AMERICA Words & Music by John M. (John Mollenhauer)

We stand for freedom of speech, we stand for freedom of choice
One united nation, not always one unified voice
We are strong in the face of danger, compassionate to those in need
We are brothers and sisters of every race color and creed
I believe in America! I believe in America! And I believe that America will be what she can be again.

I believe in the land of the free, I believe in the home of the brave
I believe in the dream that our forefathers took to their graves
But I do not believe in war, and I do not believe in pre-emptive strikes
She is always my country even though she is not always right
And we don’t leave the poor, the sick and the hungry to fight for the wealthy man’s crumbs
That’s not who we were, and that’s not who we are, and I pray it’s not what we become