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Home Invasion

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HOME INVASION Words & Music by John M.
c. 2000.

4 wheels and 18 strings
That’s my contribution
Everywhere from Del Ray to Delaware
Tim Buck Tu to Tucson
I’d sing for everyone
Absolutely anyone
Yes, even YOU, son
Gather ‘round now,
Lay your money down now
Are you ready, let’s DO one!

Ain’t no family reunion
Ain’t no 4th of July
Ain’t no special occasion

These days, in a hundred ways
Everybody’s prying
They e-mail you online
Call you at dinner time
But you’re not buying
You’re not safe anywhere
Even in your easy chair
They just keep trying
Might as well let ‘em in
What the hell, can’t win
There’s no denying

But I ain’t no Avon Lady
Ain’t no Culligan man
Ain’t no sales presentation
It’s a home invasion!

You can have you mirrored balls
Your concert halls, and bars
I’ll play tunes in living rooms
We’re happy where we are…. Aaaahhh….!

4 wheels and 18 strings
That’s my only weapon
What you get from the songs I sing
Depends on your perception
Never fear there’s no danger here
This ain’t “True Confessions”
Just simple rhythm and melody
Simple chord progressions

Ain’t no guns in these cases
Just my 12 string guitar
This ain’t no confrontation

This is your invitation
To a home invasion!