From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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Waiting For You

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WAITING FOR YOU Words and music by John M.
c. FJMIII Publishing. 1987, ASCAP

6:30 this morning I woke up alone
Where were you?
You seemed so far away
Though you slept in a neighboring room
But you coulda woke up in my arms
You coulda had love
We coulda been warm
I coulda been good
I wanted it too….
I’m waiting for you

Affairs of the heart
Sometimes can be hard to define
You can’t always decipher
An affair of the heart, with the mind
In an unlikely moment it comes
It touches you once and you run
And despite what you see
You refuse to believe
That it’s true….
I’m waiting for you

Oh, can’t you see
How good it could be?
Or is it just me?

I wonder sometimes
If I shouldn’t just leave you alone
Then maybe you’d realize
How good it was, when it’s gone
But I couldn’t do that if I tried
If I told you I could then I lied
I love you too much
And there’s just nothing else I can do…
I’m waiting for you….