From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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The Least I Could Do

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THE LEAST I COULD DO Words and music by John M.
c. Mollenhauer Music. 1987, SESAC

It’s been a long time comin’ but the time has come
I hope you don’t mind, once I’ve begun
But I’d like to clear up a couple of misconceptions
You see I do not believe in nursery rhymes,
Or Superman, or Frankenstein
But I do believe in the Resurrection
You say you only believe in what you see
Well that sounds alright, most people agree
You got to draw the line, between truth and imagination
But I can’t see the air and I still breathe
And I can’t see love and I still believe
You can disagree but I think you can see the connection
And I hope you don’t object to my genuflection
But it seems to me, to be the least I could do

I’ve seen the Devil again and again, yeah,
But we were never the best of friends
As a matter of fact it would be safe to say that I hate him
Oooh he’s a liar but he weaves a lie real tight
He can make you believe that he’s really alright
He’d deceive anyone who would take the time to debate him
If I’ve learned anything it’s, “Never underestimate him,”
Oh, and I hate him… ‘cause it’s the least I could do…

Now Jesus had his story to tell,
He touched the lame and he made them well
He delivered us all from Hell, and what did we give Him?
Well, we pierced His crown and bled Him dry
And we nailed Him down and we hung Him high
And all humanity heard Him cry, “God forgive them”
And I believe in the teachings and Jesus I’m tryin’ to live them
‘ Cause it seems to me… To be the least I could do….
For You.