1. Lovely Lady

From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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Lovely Lady

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LOVELY LADY Words & music by John M. C. 1987.

Lovely Lady, it whispers in your eyes
You’ve been told so many lies, like me…
Lovely Lady, the longing in your hands,
You’re reaching out for a man, like me…
Lovely Lady tell me what you know
If there’s somewhere you want to go, then lead me…
Lovely Lady, why do you turn away
Are you afraid to say, you need me?

Lovely Lady, I know so well
You’ve been through hell, like me…
Lovely Lady, you want to try again
But you wonder are there any men, like me…
Lovely Lady, I think I understand
You just want one good man, not a reminder
That the last man you knew, you gave everything to
Could’ve been a little bit kinder…

Lovely Lady you’ve never hurt anyone
You just want someone to be kind to
Lovely Lady though I’ve never seen your face
I know you must be someplace, and I’ll find you…
Lovely Lady, I know just how you feel
You say there must be a real love somewhere
Lovely Lady, wherever you are, stay right where you are
And I’ll get there…