1. Losin' Game

From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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Losin' Game

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I said you better get one thing clear, you don't have to stay here
I got no locks, no cages no chains
We can win or lose, whatever you choose
But I will not be a part of your games

Oh no! Don't test me that way
Don't do something crazy just to see what I'll say
Oh no! Don't test me that way
'Cause it's a losin' game, and I won't play!

I know where you've been, out carousin' with him
You're tryin' to make me jealous over some fool
But I won't make you stay, I won't stand in your way
And I will not challenge him to a duel


I love you a lot, but it's there or it's not
And I can not change the way that you feel
If I kept you around, by holding you down
Would your love be any more real?
Oh, no, I don't think so.


c. Mollenhauer Music,
SESAC 1994