From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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I Know What I Want

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Don't tell me I don't know what I want
Don't tell me I don't know because I do
You don't know what goes on in my mind and in my heart
I know what I want and I want you!

I've always wanted to be wealthy
And to live the way the wealthy people do
Ah but I don't want that any more
It doesn't matter, rich or poor
I'll be a wealthy man when I have you


There have been those who say the love me
Oooo and I tried to love them too
But I never even realized
Until I looked into your eyes
I was always tryin' to turn them into you


You are the dream and I'm the dreamer
Baby you could make my dreams come true
Just be yourself, and let me be
Myself with you in harmony...
See if you don't like it too!


All words and music
c. John M- Mollenhauer Music
SESAC 1994