From the recording A Taste Of Things To Come

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Emotion Overdose

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EMOTION OVERDOSE Words & Music by John M.
c. Mollenhauer Music, 1987, SESAC

Reno is cold this time of year
But the lights are still pretty
Motel Six is cheap, but gas is a dollar nine
I’m on the road again tonight I’ll be in Salt Lake City
It’s never been so hard to leave someone behind…

I’ve always been a traveler baby and I always will be
Don’t ask me to explain it’s just somethin’ I’ve got to do, yeah,
I call the road my home and Lord, if the road don’t kill me
Someday I would like to share my home with you… Oh,

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows
Sometimes emotion overflows
When I think of you, as I frequently do
It gives me an emotion overdose, Oh,
Na na na na…..

I’m not blind and I’m not a fool and I know that you live me
I swear by the Bible my love for you will never die
You can call me selfish, you’ve got the right but this is how it must be
You got to do what you got to do and so do I, yeah,..

I been makin’ good time but you’ve been on my mind for a day or two
I wish you coulda seen how the snow shone red in the sunset
Five hundred miles a day, give or take a few
I’ll be back when I’m done sweet lover but I ain’t done yet. Not yet

CHORUS: (twice) Then Na na na na…