1. Forever

From the recording No Overdubs!

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FOREVER Words & Music by John M.
c. 2003, FJM III Publishing, ASCAP

Verse 1.
Oh, Forever is a long long time
Yeah, A high hill to climb
It’s a well known fact
You never come back from “forever”…
You can’t try it out for a while
No, you can’t take it “on trial”
So you’d better be sure
Before you say you’re “Forever”
Nothing would please me more…
Forever with you

Verse 2
Oh, forever has always been
No beginning and no end
And no one will ever know when
They get to “forever”
You can’t measure it by the day
Or by any other way
They say “When love is real
You’re in love forever…”
I say I’ll be in love
Forever with you

Forever can never be undone
Never, not even by the bomb
Whenever everything else is gone
“Forever” will still be going on…..

Verse 3:
It gets closer every year, But “forever” is never here
Am I makin’ it clear? It’s the “final frontier” Forever…
It’s beyond space and time
It’s not yours and it’s not mine
Ah but you and I
We could watch it go by together…
My how the time would fly, forever with you! Ooooo.