1. Not This Time

From the recording Part of the Game

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Not This Time

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NOT THIS TIME c. John M, Mollenhauer Music
SESAC 1996

The lonely ones will always recognize the lonely
Like a salesman knows who's most prepared to buy
While everyone is searching for their "one and only"
We only want the one we should pass by,..

But not this time
Lead me not into temptation
(not) This time I will remember what I've learned
Not this time
'Cause I've been down this road before
And we both know I've got a weakness for your kind
But not this time

So the faithful give their hearts to all those "love and leavers"
Like the timid are attracted to the brave
Like a liar will surround himself with true believers
And the righteous want the ones who misbehave...


Oh, you're tempting me, tempting me
Like an alcoholic's wiskey
You're tempting me, tempting me
Like the apple tempted Eve
You're tempting me, tempting me
I almost let you kiss me
But I know there's something wicked up your sleeve...

Perhaps it's not our fault
Maybe it's human nature
That leads us to the people we choose
I know given half a chance I will not hesitate to
Run straight to the one I should refuse...