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School Bus Blues

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School Bus Blues
Words & Music By John M.
c. 2003, FJM III Publishing, ASCAP.
He was a rock & roll singer in need of a few bucks
(Hey Lawdy Lawdy, na na na)
He was seen one day behind the wheel of a school bus
(Hey Lawdy Lawdy, na na na)
"It wasn't me" He tried to say,
"I'm not the one you saw that day,"
"I don't do nothin' but play, I'm a rock & roller..."

He was livin' in a world of rock & roll dreams, he was livin' beyond his means
He had a Martin guitar, a fifty dollar car and holes in his jeans
You know he couldn't buy the food and he couldn't pay the rent
He couldn't keep track of where the money went
But he vowed one day to come home in a limousine


He was hard and cool, he was a hard workin' fool
Dedicated to his dreams
He had made up his mind to make 'em stand in line
And make the women scream...
He had a picture of the Who on his bedroom wall,
A picture that he drew and a Les Paul
And he was bound and determined to be bigger than Jimmy Dean


His friends and those who loved him said, "Good luck, we wish you well."
"Ah but what you gonna do if you never do make it?"
They said, "Prepare yourself for something else to do in case you fail."
They said, "We all dream, but we all awaken."

Well he swallowed his pride, took it in stride and he paid his dues
And before too long he had a rock & roll song that was makin' news
He wrote it one mornin' before the noon run,
Became a sensation makin' number one
And he was known all over as the singer of the School Bus Blues!