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Auf Wiedersehen

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AUF WIEDERSEHEN c. John M. Mollenhauer
Music, ASCAP 1995

What's new, I ain't seen you
It seems like ages
So many pages
have been turned over the years
Old flame, You're still the same
As when I saw you
The night before you
Turned around and disappeared

I've had my share of pain
Still and all I can't complain...
Everyone to his own way
What can I say?

Hot pants, A hot romance
Hot Jalopeno
Hot night in Reno
We were out of our minds
Sunrise, my surprise,
Poetic Justice
I should've known both love and justice
Are blind

Only have myself to blame
Still and all I can't complain...
That was then now it's today
Hip hip hooray

Now you're comin' back to haunt me
Why do you taunt me this way?
Now you say that you still want me
What do you want me to say?

If I were you I'd quit this game

I really must be on my way
Good by good day