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You're Still Here

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c. John M. 1994, Mollenhauer Music,

Verse 1
I look in my mirror
And I'm standing alone
You're not in there with me
You're not in my... home
And that light is not flashing
On my answer machine
You have not been calling
You have not been ... seen

You're not in my life
It's perfectly clear
You're not in my life
But you're still here

Verse 2
But you let me down easy
Yes we left it as friends
Ah but each day without you
I wake up without you... again
And still my friends ask me
If I know how you've been
Why don't they stop asking
Why don't they ... ask him


I can handle these feelings
I'm all right without you
I'm all right now, I'm healing..
Even found someone new...

Verse 3
But my baby she asks me
Will I ever let go?
And I tell her it's over
I say it was over, long ago
But she does not believe me
When she looks in my eyes
She sees what the truth is
And she cries...