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We Can Make It.

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We Can Make It: Words and music by John M. c. 2003,
FJM III Publishing, ASCAP

Love, is an awesome thing
It can change you from inside.
Love, can make you spread your wings
If you’re not afraid to fly…
Some, go running after love
And some just run and hide.
Some, have never tasted love,
They’ve never even tried…

But we can make it!
If we try a little harder
We can make it,
If we trust our hearts.
We can make it.
We can go a little farther,
We can try to get to know each other
That’s the way it starts.

Time, will never change your past,
But it can change your point of view.
Time, why does it move so fast?
There’s so much left to do…
Why are we afraid of love,
Afraid of something new
I, am finally bold enough
To say these things to you…


Now, while we have a chance
Let’s not lose another day
Now, we’ve got it in our hands
Don’t throw it all away
Come, and lay it on the line,
There is no other way
Come, if you’re so inclined
I need to hear you say…