1. There For You

From the recording No Overdubs!

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There For You

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THERE FOR YOU Words & Music by John M, c. 2003, FJM III
Publishing, ASCAP

I loved you from afar...
I knew we'd never be together but
Here we are
It's not forbidden love
It is not wrong, it's true and strong
And it's waited long enough

I'll keep you warm and hold you tight
We’ll make love baby every night
All day long I'll think of you
But that's not all I'll do...
In lonely times I'll talk to you
On moonlit nights I'll walk with you
In sickness I will doctor you,
I'll be there for you

verse 2:

In the blinking of an eye
The desert blooms with roses baby
When you walk by
Can not be denied
It's deeper than the ocean baby
And stronger than the tide

I'll be your friend and family
Defend you from your enemies
I'll always tell the truth to you,
But that's not all I'll do...
In weakness I'll be strong for you
In sorrow I will comfort you
This is what I want for you
I'll be there for you,

I'll be there for you like you've been there for me, (there for me)
Just reach out your hand and I'll be there...
Look around for me, my love, and I will be,
Every-- where!
I'll be there for you, I'll be there for you, I'll be there for you!