1. Not My Way

From the recording Still Here

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Not My Way

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NOT MY WAY c. John M. 2003
FJM III Publishing, ASCAP

Verse 1
My father used to walk down dark streets at night
With a camera in his hand
And take pictures of the Metro skyline
Nobody ever laid a hand...
But these days you best be watchin' who's behind you
Even in the middle of the day
You better walk don't run don't talk to anyone
You better be careful what you say

What have we learned to become, what have we come to
What have we done to ourselves
I could be one of the tough guys In the streets
I Could be streetwise, like anyone else,
But it's not my way
Not my way

Verse 2
These days we got alarms on our cars
And video surveillance in our homes
We all hide behind our high-tech hardware
We wonder why we're so alone
I can remember when my friend was my neighbor
My door was open when he came
Now I never turn out the lights
Lock up tight, every night,
I don't even know my neighbor's name


I refuse to live in fear
Of the ne'er do wells with their gangs and guns
I'll take my stand right here,
Not gonna change myself, not for anyone
And I'll take what comes

Verse 3
I don't want to be afraid of a stranger
Afraid of walking down the street
I've seen enough to be aware of the danger
And I'll take precautions, certainly
But I'll be damned if I'll be driven into hiding
Or scared away from being kind
I'm not gonna lose my will won't stand still had my fill
Of these so called changing times