1. Thanks To You

From the recording Part of the Game

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Thanks To You

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Everybody stumbles, c. Mollenhauer Music, SESAC, 1993
Everybody falls
The highest mountain crumbles
It happens to us all
But I won't fear the future
As I do not fear the past
Whatever we want, is never beyond
Our grasp...

Thanks to you they will not suffer
Thanks to you they're not alone
Thanks to you they will not wonder
If they'll have to leave their homes
Thanks to you they won't be lonely
When the final moment comes
Thank to you......

We know it isn't easy
Oh, we know the road is long...
But whenever you've cried
Somethin' inside
Keeps you hangin' on...
And we can see the changes
The product of your hands
Wherever you've been,
Like footprints in
The sand...


You are nurses, you are neighbors,
You are daughters and sons,
And I hope you will be there for me
When my time comes
You come to us with comfort
When there's no one else
You are the Angels who remind us
Of the Angels in ourselves!

Now take a look around you
There's so much to be done
Ah, from where you are
But look at how far
You've already come!
You can see it in the faces
You can see it in their eyes
They're honoring you
I wouldn't be too