1. Some Hearts

From the recording No Overdubs!

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Some Hearts

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SOME HEARTS: Words & Music by John M.
c. 2003, FJM III Publishing, ASCAP

So I said that I can’t live without you
And yet living without you I am
Oh, I cursed and I cried,
But I’m doing alright,
Like a cat, on my feet
I did land...
Yes I pulled the knife out
You’re out of my life now
Finally I’m free from your spell...
I control my own destiny now
You can’t mess with me now,
That’s what I tell

Some connections can never be broken
Some dreams can never be real
Some thoughts should never be spoken
Some hearts can never be healed
If the past is always a memory
If the future is always a dream,
Then the present is always
The moment that falls in between
What is gone, and what’s never been seen

Now God only knows why you left me
Oh, but the devil, he knows why you came
Yes you did your job well, led me right into Hell
And I followed you into those flames!
But that’s all behind me now
I’m doin’ fine, and I’m
No longer pining away,…
I no longer miss you, I don’t wish I was with you
And if you came back here today,
I’d say…

(Repeat Chorus.)