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That's What Christmas Is To Me

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It's not about the colored lights,
Mistletoe or snowball fights
It's not about the tinsel on the tree...
It dosen't matter what you spend
Or how many cards you send,
That's not what Christmas is to me.

Oh, I love it all, don't get me wrong,
I'll deck the halls and sing the songs,
I'll stay up late on Christmas Eve,
And I'll buy gifts for everyone
But after all is said and done
Deep in my heart what I believe... is that..

God the Father touched the Earth
In a manger with a virgin birth
Right before the eyes of wise men three...
Jesus Christ Almighty came to be!
That's what Christmas is to me.

I once believed in Santa Clause
I had seen him in department stores,
I wrote him letters faithfully...
And I was always well behaved
'Cause I knew I'd love the gifts he gave
That was how Christmas used to be...

But I turned on the news one night
I saw Christmas in a different light
The merchandising and the greed,
And it's fine to give to those you love
But make sure you save just enough
To give to those who truly need,.. 'Cause...


Now every year about this time
It serves us to remind
The greatest gift of all is love...
I think of those who's fates are sealed
On city streets, and battlefields,
I know we can not give enough

And I never thought I'd be the one
To say it truly is more fun, to give than to receive...
So let's gather 'round the Cristmas feast,
And join hands and pray for Peace,
And pray for those who don't believe... that...

Chorus c. John M. ASCAP, 1993