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Packard Bell Hell

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PACKARD BELL HELL words and music by John M.
c. Mollenhauer Music,
Sesac. 1996

Quick start, .. Click start,...
Choose from the menu,...
Click next, the subtext,
Is no help when you...
Scroll through the list in the dialogue box
Choice not listed,...
You click "more", the program stops
How do you fix it?
You click on "Help" the screen says "Welcome"
"See the menu below"
So you read but you still don't see what you need
That's when you know
You've arrived alive and well
In Packard Bell Hell

It makes no sense but you try again
And you keep on trying
On and on it goes
All night long till you feel like crying
You never thought a one page letter
Could be so hard to master
You could've chiseled it out from a tablet of stone
And finished faster
You call tech support for an hour or more
And when you finally do get through
You sigh and you moan 'cause the guy on the phone
Knows even less than you
Round and round on the same old carrousel
In Packard Bell Hell

Packard Bell Hell, Packard Bell Hell,..
Packard Bell Hell, Packard Bell Hell,...

Scan jet, desk jet, path to the printer...
What's wrong? All your work's gone...
You didn't press "enter"
Now, you just got burned, but that's how you learn
You gotta make copies
Now the rest of your life from your job to you wife
Will be stored on floppies
And you've already paid for an upgrade
And a new CD ROM drive
But it still won't run, it can't be done
In Windows 95
Some things they just don't tell...
In Packard Bell Hell...

Repeat Chorus.