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I Could've Had You

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c. John M. 1994, Mollenhauer Music

Verse 1
I call you much more than I should
But not nearly as much as I would
I'd be with you right now if I could
I could've had you
It's over three years since we split
So how come I'm not over you yet?
And when will I ever forget...
I could've had you

I could've had you, but what did I do?
Like sand in my fingers I let you slip through
And now I'm reminded each time I meet somebody new...
I could've had you

Verse 2
I could've had every man's dream
My own personal beautiful queen
It's not as far fetched as it seems
I could've had you
If only I'd known at the time
I know that you would've been mine
I must have been out of my mind
I could've had you


It's the high cost of being too slow
And it haunts me wherever I go
For the rest of my life I will know
I could've had you...
I could've had you.