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My Mother In Me

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My Mother In Me
Words & Music By John M.
c. 1992 ASCAP

She taught me how to tie my shoe
How to walk, and how to run
How to talk and how to listen,...
One to one.
She taught me how to write my name
And how to write a song
She taught me how to play the game
Right from wrong

She taught me how to walk in the Light and live by the golden rule
And sometimes how to stand and fight, my momma didn't raise no fool
And what you see is what you get and if you like what you see
Look a little closer...
That's my mother in me

She taught me to be faithful
Chapter and Verse
And how not to be wasteful
With this planet Earth
And she told me life is Sacred,
And Love is Divine
And prejudice and hatred are diseases of the mind


You can see it in the places I've been to
You can see it in the things I believe
You can see it in the things that I'm into
The mark of my mother in me

Now in your eyes I'm a stranger
And in her eyes I'm a star
And I can still remember when she bought my first guitar
And I go where my heart leads me now
With the wind at my heals
I am what my mother made me
And I like the way if feels!