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Who's Gonna Say It First

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Who's Gonna Say It First?
Words & Music By John M.
c. 1994, SESAC

I thought I saw it in your eyes
I thought I heard it in your laughter
I felt it in the touch of your hand,
But I did not hear the words
Someone's gonna say it soon, Oh, someone's gonna have to
Someone's gonna have to say "I Love You"
But who's gonna say it first

Who's gonna say it, Who's gonna say "I love you"
Who's gonna say it, Who's gonna say it first
Every time we try we end up choking on the words
And I wonder, Who's gonna say it first?

I almost said it yesterday
I almost broke under the pressure
You asked me what I had on my mind
And I almost let it out
I tried to find some other word to use,
I finally called it "Pleasure"
Before you even asked me you knew,
What I was thinking about...