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Colors Of The Season

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COLORS OF THE SEASON c. Mollenhauer Music, SESAC

Oh the trees were on fire
With the colors of the season
I was goin' on the road again
The colors got me thinkin' of
The lady I was leavin'
My California lover, my friend
Now the sky above was cloudy
And the highway was boring
As it had been so many times before
And a few miles in the distance
I could see that it was pouring
Made me miss my lady even more...

And with my hands on the wheel and my foot on the gas
I eased myself into the passing lane
And I remember thanking Jesus for the colors of the season
Driving off to Boston in the rain,
La dum da de da,
La dum da de da,
La de da, la de dum dum da
La dum da de da
La dum da de da
La de da, la de dum dum da...

Now the drivers there are crazy
And the highway signs confusing
But somehow I just didn't seem to mind
The fire kept on burning all the while I was cruising
I forgot about the weather and the time