1. In Jesus' Name

From the recording No Overdubs!

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In Jesus' Name

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IN JESUS' NAME Words & Music by John M.
c. 2003, FJM III Publishing

I love you like a brother
But I don't even know your name
We can all love one another
All the same...
Jesus was another
He loved us all the same
And we can all love on another
In Jesus' name...
I've been swimmin' in the ocean
Standing in the rain
I've known lies, and devotion
Comfort and pain
I have lived on the sidewalk,
and in the fast lane,
But I live as I walk,
In Jesus' name!

In Jesus' name
Do you remember when Jesus came?
Remember what they did to Him,
And what He did for you
Oh, wouldn't He be surprised to see
The things we do...
In Jesus' name!
Oh..... In Jesus' name

Some call Him the Messiah
"Keeper of the flame"
Some call Him a liar
Tell you that He spoke in vein
Some call Him a teacher
Victim of His own game...
But I came here to meet ya
In Jesus' Name...

Oooo I've been swimmin' in the ocean
I've been standin' in the rain
I've known lies and devotion,
Comfort and pain
I have lived on the sidewalk
And in the fast lane
But I live, as I walk
In Jesus' name!
All words and music by John M.
c. Mollenhauer Music, SESAC, 1996