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White Lines & Highway Signs

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c. John M. 1994,
Mollenhauer Music, ASCAP

Verse 1
Oh thank you for your open door
Thank you for a real good time
You're a friend of a friend
And a friend of a friend of mine
Is a friend of mine

And I've got to go now, get on the road
And you know how I feel
Watchin' white lines, and highway signs,
I keep my hands on the wheel

Verse 2
Oh come and stay when you're up my way
Call me when you get in
But you've got to fly now... So do I,
So good luck until then


In a month or two I'll look at you
And laugh at the things we've done
We almost cried when we both got fried on the beach
But it sure was fun!
And you're goin' back alone to your broken home
And I know how you feel
We're in love we're insane, and you're on a train
And I'm in an automobile