1. Music Rowbots

From the recording No Overdubs!

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Music Rowbots

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MUSIC ROWBOTS Words and music by John M.
c. 2003, FJM III Publishing
I been livin’ in the land where the robots roam
One success and a hundred clones
And you gotta have the look
And you gotta have the hook
And you can get arrested
But you can’t get booked
And they say that the streets are paved in gold
If you’re young and pretty and you sell your soul
And in the middle of it all
There’s a street called music row…
Where the music robots go

Now they come on busses and they come on planes
And they sell their houses and they change their names
And they all pay dues and they all get screwed
If they do what the robots tell them too
And they wait on tables and they sell guitars
And they drive limousines for the country stars
Yeah they drive limousines up and down that music row
Where the music robots go

Music row-bots,
I don’t think they’re so hot
There might be a lot that the music rowbots know…
They don’t know music though

Now you can see him comin’ from a mile away
His hair is perfect with a touch of grey
Snake skin boots and a bolo tie
And a rolex watch that he did not buy
And a gorgeous woman adorns his arm
Half his age, twice his charm
And you wouldn’t think a woman like that would like him so…
He’s a music rowbot though….