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I Don't Wanna Leave You

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Chorus: c. Mollenhuaer Music, SESAC. 1993
I don't wanna leave you
It wouldn't seem right
I don't wanna leave you
But things ain't lookin' too bright
I don't wanna leave you
Oh, but I sure don't wanna fight
Maybe we can make it
Maybe we can make it alright...

I remember the good times
Casinos and beaches
Yosemite falls, I can see it all now
They say "Time heals...and experience teaches..."
I want to hold on to you baby but I don't know how


When we're havin' a good time
A sunny day smooth sailing
Oh, the next thing you know
We go out of control
We try so hard
But we still keep failing
I feel like I'm tryin' to play
Somebody else's role


Just look for a good time
And you will find it
Oh but look for the worst,
The worst is what you'll see
Just open your eyes
You might not mind it
Look at the sunrise
And tell me what you see..