About me

    John M RELEASES 6th CD!

  A 40 year veteran of the music business, this NYC born, CT raised and California based award winning singer/songwriter has done it all! He has self-produced SIX albums, numerous music videos, and a MOVIE about house concerts!

March 20th, 2015 John released his newest CD, "M-VI."  This collection of 11 new original recordings was already generating excitement even before its official release!  The album contains several fan favorites from live performances including "I Believe In America," "Finishing Line," "She Don't Live Here Anymore," and "O.Y.O." plus a new updated re-recording of John's most requested song, "My Mother In Me."  As of this writing, this album has spent SIX MONTHS comfortably in the top 15 on the ROOTS MUSIC REPORTS charts. “M-VI” is STILL number 3 on the top 50 pop/rock album chart, and has FIVE SONGS in the top 10, at numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

His LIVE recording, “No Overdubs!” is also a fan favorite. Said one reviewer: “He holds the listener captive from beginning to end. He can be a hard hitting rock god in one moment, then slide into a gentle soothing ballad with ease the next. Brilliant!Shashona McCall, Indie-Showcase / Awesome Radio.


Performance credits include venues in nearly all 50 states from coffeehouses and House Concerts to colleges and festivals, concerts, radio and television.  He has fronted a number of bands, but is equally comfortable with just his two acoustic guitars, (12 string and 6 string) and his voice. Either way, he has a captivating and riveting stage presence.

Fans and critics agree, his SONGS, and his “straight-from-the-heart” emotion and feeling are what truly distinguishes him. Here’s what people are saying about John M:

“He is first and foremost a great songwriter! Something we need to hear in today’s music!” Vernell Hackett, American Songwriter Magazine.


"I'm talking music that's bursting with heart, soul, passion and brains and guts. He brings a rocker's passion and energy to the whole singer/songwriter thing. Try to imagine the long lost love child of Jackson Browne and Pete Townshend of The Who, and you're almost there...”  Kevin Burton-Smith, Music director – Butlers Coffee, Palmdale, CA.