A Taste Of Things To Come
  • A Taste Of Things To Come
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 IT'S HERE!  "A Taste Of Things To Come" is John M's very first album! (Yes, "album," not "CD.") It was originally recorded and released in 1975, on VINYL. (A ruber-like substance from which phono-records used to be made.) By John's own admission, he was new to the recording business and didn't know much about record promotion. The record got some attention in his home state of CT, and a little local radio airplay, but not much beyond that. Later, when vinyl disappeared, so did the record. This record has been out of print an unavailable since the mid 90's. But NOW, John is RE-RELEASING this record, completely re-mixed and re-mastered on CD for the first time. All the original tracks! (None of the original tracks have been replaced or re-recorded.) Shashona Goodman-McCall, (Indieshowcase.net radio personality and indie music reviewer,) says: "This album was fantastic in 1975 and it is still exceptional!" The album was featured on an internet radio show yesterday, (Thursday, Aug 15th,) wherein Shashona McCall played (and raved about) the entire album! It's available for purchase NOW!

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