Still Here - CD
  • Still Here - CD
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 John's FIRST CD. His muse having been energized by a recent move to Nashville, TN, this album is a collection of personal, revealing and well crafted songs. They range from intimate and sometimes haunting acoustic ballads, ("Different Languages," "Who's Gonna Say It First?" "Eyes of a Child,") to a country romp, ("White Lines & Highway Signs,") to angry rockers, ("You're Still Here," "Not My Way.") The album also contains the original studio versions of John's two most popular and most requested songs to this day, ("My Mother In Me," and "That's What Christmas Is To Me.")

Song List:

You're Still Here
Somewhere Between
My Mother In Me
I Could've Had You
Not My Way
The Eyes Of A Child
White Lines & Highway Signs
If It Stays Like This
Who's Gonna Say It First
Different Languages
I Wish I Was In Love
That's What Christmas Is To Me

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