For over a year now, John has been working on a new CD of all original songs, and we are happy to announce that the hard work has paid off!  This is a collection of 11 original songs ranging from hard driving rockers to some beautiful acoustic ballads, all with the trademark John M groove, thoughtful lyrics and "stay-in-your-head" melodies.  All but one of these songs is previously un-released. The one exception is a new and updated recording of John's most requested song, "My Mother In Me."  The new version does not change the original song, but gives it a bit more groove and intensity. A video for this song was filmed during the actual recording session. (The real session, in real time - NOT lip-synched.)  This video is already available on the home page of this site, and on John's Youtube channel -   

     The official release date for this new CD was Friday, March 20th.  2015,  and is now available for purchase!  You can by the actual CD, or digital downloads.  If you choose digital downloads, you have your choice of standard MP-3's or "hi-res" MP-3's for the best possible audio quality.  Purchase the new John M CD HERE.