Will YOU bother to vote? For ANYONE?

Dear friends – this is not, I repeat NOT a “political” post in the sense that I will make no attempt here to influence you as to how or for whom you should vote. Not at all. It’s none of my business in the first place. Liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, Independent, “Green,” what-EVER.  I WILL, however, share some very brief thoughts with you on the importance of voting AT ALL. Even if you disagree with me. I hope you ALL vote.

  Those of you who’ve followed me already know my own political leanings so I’ll not waste time espousing them here. (That will come, as it has in the past, in future posts.)

   I am moved, however, by what I keep hearing in the news these days about how difficult it is to get people to get out and vote in the first place. Each side is hoping they’ll win, and many of them are hoping they’ll win due at least in part to a lack of interest or enthusiasm on the part of the voting public who opposes them.

   Our so-called “founding fore-fathers” would be rolling over in their graves. In the early days of this country, and even TODAY in other parts of the world people risk their lives; fight, kill and die for the simple right to vote. But here in America, in 2014, where we HAVE this right, thanks largely to the sacrifices of those who came before us, far too many of us couldn’t care less. There are a thousand reasons not to vote. “I have to work.” The traffic. The weather. It’s “inconvenient.” “I don’t trust ANY of them… they’re all the same.” “I’m not well enough informed and so I SHOULDN’T vote.” “We have no babysitter.” Just imagine for a moment if you were willing to fight, kill, and risk death for the right of your neighbors to do ANYTHING, (drink, have sex, whatever,) and then when finally presented with the opportunity to do that thing your neighbors said, “nah… it’s too much of a hassle.” 

  I said I would be brief, so I’ll end with this.  If we don’t care about this right to vote enough to actually USE it, and yes, even to – dare I say it? – INCONVENIENCE ourselves for it just once every couple of years… then we don’t deserve to have it, and we have no right to complain about the government, or the war or peace, or the economy, or the ethnic makeup of our population with which we end up. I don’t care what your views are, or who you vote for – but if you care at all about the way we live in this country – PLEASE get out and vote!  And if you feel you’re not well enough informed – (it’s a valid concern,) then GET informed. Read your election materials. Look up the candidates and or the issues online. It’s easy. I’ve done it.  God bless us all.

These are my views – what are yours?          John M.

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