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The following is an excerpt from my response to someone else's post this morning. It was the usual Right wing Republican blustering tossing insults at the Democrats and some cute, almost poetic verbiage about convincing the poor to vote for a handful of rich people by making them believe that rich people are the reason they're poor. Cute - but not a trace of factual information to be found anywhere. Yet I see this stuff all the time and from what I hear, at least some people are buying it. So here's my response. Just the facts, ma'am. 

Where is the Republican health care plan? (They want to take away your health care and repeal Obamacare, and have offered NOTHING in it's place.) 

Where are the Republican jobs? In 7 plus years they've not passed a single jobs bill, they've opposed and obstructed every single attempt the Obama administration has made at jobs bills, and despite this - unemployment is drastically reduced under Obama. Trump says he'll bring jobs back, but he's made a whole career out of outsourcing jobs, from imigrants building his "towers," to the Chinese making his shirts. 

Where are the Republicans on climate change? (They don't believe there is any such thing as "global warming." They want fewer regulations on big corporations to allow them more freedom to pollute our air and water.) 

Where are they on women's rights? (They'll overturn Roe V. Wade and send women back to back-ally abortionists who will maim and kill them. And then if they survive they'll be thrown in jail.) They have consistently opposed and obstructed equal pay for equal work legislation. They oppose paid maternity leave. Most of them oppose abortion even when the child was conceived by RAPE. (Many have said they think it should be considered a "gift from God.") 

Government? Don't judge them by their words - judge them by their DEEDS. They've done absolutely NOTHING but obstruct our president for nearly 8 years, and now they're refusing to even do their jobs with regard to the Supreme Court. They're refusing to even CONSIDER any presidential nomination. And Cruz shut down the goverment! They claim to have great reverance for the Constitution, yet they are openly defying it! 

War and Peace? Every single one of them wants to "tear up" the historic Iran Nuclear agreement, which has Iran agreeing to nutralize their nuclear program and makes nuclear weaponry virtually impossible for them. 

Diplomacy? Trump wants to "bomb the shit out of" Syria, and he has said he doesn't care if civilions are killed in the process. He wants to make the Chinese cooperate with him by calling them "motherfuckers." Please forgive my language, but it's not my language - it's HIS. I'm QUOTING him! 

The economy? We've already seen what they have to offer us there - and we've seen what Democrats offer too. Clinton - huge surplus. Obama - unemployment down, stock market trippled, gas prices down, National debt drastically reduced. Bush? HUGE deficit! (Both of them!) 

Taxes? Democrats don't "hate the rich," we simply want them to pay their fair share of taxes like anyone else. No more... no less. The Republicans don't want that. They don't want the wealthy to pay their fare share, they want YOU, the working poor to pay FOR them. 

So why do they persist with these lies in the face of such overwhelming contradictory evidence? Because they think that if they repeat it enough, you'll believe it, even though you know better. Because they think you're STOOOPID!!! Are you?? 

(This is why I pay attention to this stuff, and watch debates and stuff. These are not "sound bytes" people - these are FACTS. Many of them, historical facts.)

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